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Expand Metro. Build High Speed Rail

My next highest priority would be expanding Metro. Metro itself should be expanded everywhere, including the Red Line to Germantown and Clarksburg. There should be hundreds of stations in the Washington-Baltimore region, as well as around the country.

Additionally, we should make a high-speed rail and mass transit infrastructure supplemented with transit oriented development. I believe this would help solve a lot of problems simultaneously, like congestion, global warming, equity, and public safety. Chinese President Xi, an engineer, developed an immense high-speed rail network in just a decade. America should be able to as well.

In Maryland, this would include building a high speed rail line with exactly 5 stations:

Hagerstown -> Frederick -> Gaithersburg -> Bethesda -> DC

This would immediately cut down congestion along I-70 & I-270 and can be expanded into a larger regional network, including a line across the Potomac river towards Dulles and beyond, as well as going across the state to BWI Airport and even across the Chesapeake and into Ocean City.

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