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Mohammad Mozumder
Democrat for Congress
Maryland District 6

Democratic Primary Tuesday May 14

Free Palestine. Defund Israel.

In 1948, Israeli militants went village-to-village in Palestine to systematically expel the indigenous people from their homes. They would round wealthy families, line them up, and execute them by firing squad. They would then tell the rest of the villagers to leave or be killed, which they often did. Their atrocities includes rape as well things like killing pregnant women to take bets on if the fetus was a boy or girl.

This was known as the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. It resulted in the deaths of 15,000 civilians as well as creating 750,000 refugees displaced into what is now known as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Watch the documentary "Tantura" or read Ilan Pappe's book "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" to understand. The movie "Farha" on Netfllix recounts what happened to one family. The Nakba was hidden from history through a coordinated Israeli effort to cover up their crimes as well as to paint the Palestinians as the aggressors.

But the Palestinians never forgot. They've been fighting for their rights and freedom ever since.

Now it’s 2024. In an age of social media and cell-phone cameras everywhere, Israel decided it was a bright idea to commit their genocidal crimes again, already killing 30,000 men, women, the elderly, children, babies in just 3 months. All supported by the US government.

So let’s stop them this time.

I am running for Congress to do exactly that.

A ceasefire is the bare minimum, but we need a longer-term solution that ensures peace. Let’s at least defund the Israeli war machine. Let's ensure the right-of-return of refugees to a new single disarmed multi-cultural state.

Expand Metro. Build High Speed Rail

My next highest priority would be developing a high-speed rail and mass transit infrastructure supplemented with transit oriented development. I believe this would help solve a lot of problems simultaneously, like congestion, global warming, equity, and public safety. Chinese President Xi, an engineer, developed an immense high-speed rail network in just a decade. America should be able to as well.

In Maryland, this would include building a high speed rail line with exactly 5 stops:

Hagerstown -> Frederick -> Gaithersburg -> Bethesda -> DC

This would immediately cut down congestion and can be expanded into a larger regional network, including a line across the Potomac river towards Dulles and beyond, as well as going across the state to BWI Airport.

Additionally, Metro itself should be expanded everywhere, including the Red Line to Clarksburg. There should be hundreds of stations in the Washington-Baltimore region.

Fight Inflation

The record low unemployment of our economy is actually inflationary. Businesses are having hard time finding employees, so they have to raise wages. That's great for those specific workers, but not so great for the economy as a whole. Inflation especially punishes the poor, the unemployed, and the elderly. I'd like to see more immigration to help solve inflation.

This is a new campaign, so check back weekly for more policy updates. This is a winnable race, but we need your help.

So help us. Sign up. Volunteer. Donate. And Vote.

Thank you.


Mohammad Mozumder

30 years Scientist at Department of Energy


Email: info@mozumder4md.comi
Address: Mozumder for Maryland
P.O. Box 1967
Germantown, MD 20875

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