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Mohammad S. Mozumder

Free Palestine. Expand Metro. Fight Inflation.

I am the ONLY candidate to support abolishing Israel in favor of a single multi-ethnic state solution.

Mohammad S. Mozumder

Democrat for US Congress
House of Representatives
Maryland District 6

Primary Election Day Tuesday May 14
Early Voting May 2-May 9
Must Register as Democrat by April 23
Register to vote online

30 years Scientist
US Department of Energy



My name is Mohammad Mozumder. I'm a retired scientist at the US Department of Energy running for Congress to represent Maryland's sixth district, where I live.

I’m running to stop the genocide Israel is committing. Israel is a shockingly violent, criminal enterprise, killing children daily to steal their land, while pretending the native Palestinians are terrorists. What's worse is our Congress is funding their genocide. Congress has given them a total of $260 billion since WWII. At this point, only regular people can stop Israel now, as the AIPAC funded career politicians certainly won't. I am the only anti-Zionist candidate in the race. A ceasefire is not enough. I am the only candidate willing to unconditionally defund Israel and work towards a single state solution.

My next priority is expanding transit everywhere, including extending the Metro Red Line to Germantown and Frederick, as well as building a dedicated new 30 minute high speed rail line from Hagerstown to DC with exactly 4 stops:

Hagerstown -> Frederick -> Gaithersburg -> Bethesda -> DC

This would be part of a new regional and national high-speed rail network.

My third priority is reducing inflation. America's record low unemployment is actually inflationary - employers have to raise wages a lot to find workers. This is great for those specific workers but not so great for the economy as a whole. Inflation hurts the poor and elderly the most. We can fix that through more immigration.

This is a winnable race, but my team need your help. Sign up to our mailing list. Volunteer. Donate. And most importantly, vote!

Thank you.


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Address: Mozumder for Maryland
P.O. Box 1967
Germantown, MD 20875

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